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A web development solution, Y[wai]

Y[wai] - Web Application Innovator
A web development UI/UX platform based on standard HTML5.
It supports easy and intuitive development.


A better way to start development.

We provide a variety of products and solutions specialized in the financial sector and software development.
We are continuously developing technology to adapt to the rapidly changing IT environment and meet optimal business needs.

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Various products and services through continuous research and development


Web Application Innovator

It is a web application that uses the HTML standard.
It supports innovative and intuitive web development.


A reporting solution based on HTML5 Canvas

It is WYSIWYG system that works in web browser.
It supports development tools(IDE) and band report formats that is common, easy to use.


A development solution of web electronic documents

It is a development solution of web electronic documents(paperless).
It creates and edits electronic documents that require inputs on the web screen.


Core Neural Contact Center

It is a software in the form of Intelligent Contact Management(ICM).
It is an integrated solution that allows to talk and response to customers, and uses automatic call distribution (ACD), private branch exchange (PBX), and interactive voice response(IVR).


COREBANK grows into a company specialized in the UI/UX field through collaboration with partners